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Jan 22, 2018

We’re back after an extended (and flu-y break)! This is part one of a two-part episode on the laowai bubble, or the expat bubble and escaping this bubble. We’ll be looking at the language barrier, something called homophily, differences in socializing, and whether we should break out of the bubble.

Episode producer: Toni Friedman
Music credits: orangefreesounds, “Music Loop electronic 115 bpm”; hagfilms, “Comedy Theme”; newagesoup, “112bpm_Catchy Reverb Synth Loop”; 4barrelcarb, “Nylon string Guitar with steel string bass”; abett, “Brit Pop Guitar (110 Bpm) in D (Version 2)
Theme song: 4barrelcarb, “Ambient Strings and Synth Mix