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Nov 28, 2017

We sat down with expats in China who had just got off the plane, those who had been living in China for a few years, and those who have been here for over a decade, and asked them about their experiences and how they have changed over time.

Episode producer: Averill Flynn Obee
Music credits: druidbloke, "Medium tempo breakbeat with reverb (120 BPM)"; BoTM_Beats, "drum loop 2.mp3"; FoolBoyMedia, "New York Jazz Loop"; Setuniman, "Everyday 1D16"
Theme song: 4barrelcarb, “Ambient Strings and Synth Mix

If you are experiencing difficulties or would like to talk to someone about life changes here in China contact for support and assistance.

Lifeline Shanghai serves the English speaking community and their helpline offers an emotional support service that respects everyone's right to be heard, understood, and cared for.